Wildlife Walks in the Lake District

On these walks we’ll take you to the places where you’re most likely to get a glimpse of the wildlife you’d like to see. We can’t promise, but with local knowledge and experience, we hope you’ll get to see some of those animals that you’ve seen on “Spring Watch”!

Wildlife walks in the Lake District
Wood ants in the Duddon Valley

We could go looking for Deer, both Roe and Red. Otters now live on many of our rivers in the Lake District and Red Squirrels can still be found in the woodlands.

Evenings are great times to see wildlife. Here in the Lake District at this time of day we can see bats, owls, roding Woodcock and even glow worms! Join us for an evening walk and it will be an experience you’ll remember for ever.

tn_283At the other end of the day, the early morning is a special time for wildlife. One of our specialities is an early morning dawn chorus walk where we listen to the birds as they start their day and we finish off with a great breakfast.


Please contact us to arrange your Wildlife walk in the Lake District.

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