Climbing snow gulley in Lake District

Making the most of the snow in the Lake District

Quite a bit of snow about last week, so  went out with a group of colleagues from Kepplewray  (Olly and two Andys) to have an explore. We went and parked at the top of Dunmail Raise and walked up hill into the snow. On the way we met up with a lad called Dale Foster, who was out on his own, so we invited him along to join

Snow in the Lake District
Olly, Andy, Chris and Andy

us and he became an integral part of our “expedition”. We made our way past Grisedale Tarn and around to Tarn Crag, where we climbed one of the snow filled gullies. Hard work but great fun. Had our lunch at the top of Dollywaggon Pike and then headed north towards Helvellyn. With the bulk of the afternoon behind us and conditions becoming quite slippy  and visibility low, we decided to head down hill at Nethermost Pike. Walk downhill was, as always, more challenging than imagined, but we eventually reached the Jeep just as the light was beginning to fade.

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