Beached Bird Survey Silecroft Beach

Lakeland Beached Bird Survey

Today I undertook my annual trek to Silecroft Beach to take part in the RSPB Beached Bird Survey. The Lake District has some wonderful coastline and we’re very lucky to live close by. Last year I was shocked to discover many dead birds all along the beach. These were mainly guillemots and razorbills, but there was also a ┬áblack legged kittiwake which had rings showing it had come all the way from Norway.

Luckily this year has obviously been a better year for the birds and I only discovered one dead guillemot and the wings of a herring gull. An interesting find though, was the body of a common porpoise which had been washed ashore.

It was lovely walking along the beach, with the wind buffeting me all the way. Oyster catchers and ringed plovers were my companions for the day as I had left Irty our terrier at home because she’s got kennel cough and poor old Esk, our other terrier is getting a little too old for such bracing walks.