Coppicing in the Lake District

During the 19th Century the woodlands of the Lake District were extensively coppiced to supply wood for the production of bobbins for the textile industry and for making charcoal.

Coppicing in the Lake District

How to coppice – Coppicing is basically cutting trees down close to their bases, but leaving just enough to let them grow again. It’s a bit like pruning the roses, but on a bigger scale.

A great part of this day is the chance to have a fire to burn all the brash that we’ll produce – who’d like a potato cooked on the fire!

This is a great activity for all the family to get involved in some real conservation work.

Where: Bobbin Mill Cottage

When: Nov – March

How Long: Half Day or Full Day

How Much: £30/person for half day, £60/person for full day (family discount)

Contact us to arrange your coppicing activity in the Lake District.

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