Badger Tracks in the Snow

Colleen was out in the wood behind Bobbin Mill Cottage, when she came upon these Badger tracks in the snow. With much enthusiasm she decided to track the badger and it led her down to the beck and then through the fence to the sett. You can clearly see the claw marks at the top of the print which is typical of badger tracks.

Badger tracks in snow


Lake District Guided Walks

tn_488The Lake District is a wonderful place to visit and explore. Most people feel that they would like to have a walk. But where to go? What if you can’t read a map? Perhaps you just don’t feel confident on your own and would rather have someone there to help, choosing suitable routes to match your needs, whilst at the same time helping you to a better understanding of the area. This is where the Lakeland Guide can help, so contact us to arrange your own Lake District guided walk.

Winter wood

Here at Bobbin Mill Cottage we’ve just had a new wood stove installed and it’s the time of year for stocking up on wood supplies – why not come along on a coppicing day and learn all about this woodland craft?

Stove at Bobbin Mill Cottage
The new stove at Bobbin Mill Cottage


Lake District Guided Walks and Activities