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Spring Wild Flowers

What a difference a little bit of sunshine makes! We’ve had some lovely weather up here in the Lake District over the past few days and a walk along any lane is now brightened by the appearance of wonderful wild flowers, such as these Celandine. Why not join the Lakeland Guide for a walk where we’ll learn all about these colourful additions to Spring.

Otter Spraint at Haybridge

It was our Spring Walk at Haybridge Nature Reserve this weekend and once again I was lucky enough to be joined by a good crowd of people to enjoy the delights of Haybridge . On the walk we spotted a marsh tit, saw our first bumble bee and picked up the scent of a fox!

Following the walk Annie and Vince Warwick found what we suspect to be otter spraint (droppings) down on the board walk. If you look closely I think you can see the hip bone of a frog.

Next walk at Haybridge is the Dawn Chorus Walk on Saturday 9th May starting at 5.30am!

Wednesday 27th May -Half Term Scafell Pike Walk

Had a great walk on the 27th May. I was joined by 4 intrepid adventurers who had a wonderful day on the fell. Despite the lack of views at the top due to the low clouds, a real sense of achievement was had by making it in limited visibility.

We made good time and made it down just in time to avoid the rain and to have a well deserved drink at the Wasdale Head Inn!

Details for the walk were as below:-

On Wednesday 27th May, Chris will be leading a half term guided walk to the top of Scafell Pike, England’s highest mountain at 978m.

The walk will be starting from Wasdale Head Green at 9.30am and we’ll aim to be back at the Green by 4.30pm, so it will be a good full day on the Mountain.

The walk is open to small groups, families and individuals who’d like a bit of company on this adventure.

You will need to be reasonably fit, bring clothing suitable for the weather on the day and plenty of food and drink to keep you going.

On the summit we’ll nibble Kendal Mint Cake and take in the wonderful views (hopefully!).

The cost will be £25/person.

Do contact us to get more details and to book your place.

Lakeland Beached Bird Survey

Today I undertook my annual trek to Silecroft Beach to take part in the RSPB Beached Bird Survey. The Lake District has some wonderful coastline and we’re very lucky to live close by. Last year I was shocked to discover many dead birds all along the beach. These were mainly guillemots and razorbills, but there was also a  black legged kittiwake which had rings showing it had come all the way from Norway.

Luckily this year has obviously been a better year for the birds and I only discovered one dead guillemot and the wings of a herring gull. An interesting find though, was the body of a common porpoise which had been washed ashore.

It was lovely walking along the beach, with the wind buffeting me all the way. Oyster catchers and ringed plovers were my companions for the day as I had left Irty our terrier at home because she’s got kennel cough and poor old Esk, our other terrier is getting a little too old for such bracing walks.

Burnmoor Stone Circles

Yesterday I led a guided walk on to Burnmoor behind Boot in Eskdale. The weather was just right- not too hot, not too cold and we made good time so we were able to eat our lunch by Burnmoor Lodge overlooking the Tarn.

Burnmoor Lodge Lake District Guided Walk
Burnmoor Lodge

After lunch we went in search of Stone Circles! We came across several cairns and four fine stone circles which date from the neolithic period about 3000 years ago. It was really atmospheric to stand in the circles with the brooding presence of Scafell behind us and in the distance, the sight of the Irish Sea.

We were joined on the walk by Wooly the pub dog from the Woolpack Inn and Mark Berger, whose brother manages this popular Eskdale hostelry.

Lake District Guided Walk Peat Hut
Boot Peat Hut

Wooly loved the stone circles which we encountered on the fell and thought that the Peat Huts looked like a good place to rest the night but eventually decided on going home to that comfy bed by the fire in the Inn!

“Foot in Boot” Walking Festival

Two Tarns Walk

On Tuesday 17th February, Chris will be leading a walk into the fells behind the Woolpack Inn in Eskdale. We’ll be starting the walk at 10am at the Woolpack Inn and heading to the fells in search of a tarn or two! The walk will finish by 4pm in Boot Village in time for a pancake race! A walk for adventurous families. The walk is free of charge, but donations to the Duddon and Furnace Mountain Rescue Team will be accepted.

Icy Lakeland Fells

We’ve had some cold weather up here in the fells, which can be very beautiful but you have to keep yourself safe when going for a walk. Chris is off with the Mountain Rescue Team for a weekend in Scotland tomorrow, where he’ll be able to brush up on his winter skills and also enjoy the company of his fellow Team members.

Colleen will be staying at Bobbin Mill Cottage, keeping the home fires burning and making sure all the animals are warm and fed.

Snowdrops in the Lake District

When the sun shines at this time of year, it can feel quite “spring like”, and this is hightened by the sight of the first snowdrops. Little clumps of these hardy little flowers are popping up all around Bobbin Mill Cottage and a great display can be seen at Duddon Furnace, which is a wonderful, hidden gem at the foot of the Duddon Valley.

Duddon Furnace
Duddon Furnace

Lake District Birds on the Move

One of the great things about Bobbin Mill Cottage is the fact that although we nestle at the foot of some wonderful Lakeland Fells we’re also not far from the coast and in particular the Duddon Estuary, which is a focal point for thousands of migratory wildfowl.

Lake District Geese
Skein of geese above Bobbin Mill Cottage

Last week I was out in the garden and heard the distinctive honking of Greylag Geese. Over the next few minutes, several skeins of geese passed high overhead. It’s very interesting to watch the “V” patterns changing shape as different birds take up different positions within the “V”.

Badger Tracks in the Snow

Colleen was out in the wood behind Bobbin Mill Cottage, when she came upon these Badger tracks in the snow. With much enthusiasm she decided to track the badger and it led her down to the beck and then through the fence to the sett. You can clearly see the claw marks at the top of the print which is typical of badger tracks.

Badger tracks in snow